Naruto and hinata hook up

Naruto marries hinata in the manga and they have two childrenboy named bolt, and a girl named himawari even though naurto'sfirst crush was sakura he doesn't end up with heras most boysdon't. Hinata is to come along for the ride and naruto is convinced to join them naruto wishes he'd never accepted but when they end up in a shabby bar and sasuke enters, things start to look up naruto notices that sasuke is not into ino or any women so he decides to flirt maybe it will end up in a hook-up. The story about how, on the sss universe, naruhina came to life after facing the snowman and having his memories erased of this event, team 7 decides to hook up naruto with hinata, seeing how they're in love with each other. Naruto's opinion on hinata was that she was weird and timid, explaining that whenever he was near her, she would always stutter and blush when neji almost killed hinata in chunnin exams naruto stood up for her. Best answer: i like hinata and sakura both so i like narusaku or naruhina hinata and naruto would totally be kute naruto and sakura would kick butt if naruto and hinata doesn't end up together i would said the next best thing is kibaxhinata, then shinoxhinata, and maybe just maybe.

Sakura's hook up the day was sunny in the village hidden in the leavessakura and hinata were sitting on the bench talkingthey were talking about basic things,like friends dountill sakura shouted. Best answer: no,not yet although i really hope that naruto and hinata get togetherthey really do make a perfect couple naruto is a hyper active hothead who never stops and always has energy for what ever the task is and he always protects people he care about. Naruto marries hinata in the manga and they have two children boy named bolt, and a girl named himawari even though naurto's first crush was sakura he doesn't end up with her as most boys don't. Around does with naruto hook up and have no hang ups with one night love trying out new things and go on fun dates and be successful removed my prisoner from the car and brought hook hinata does with her to america for years.

Yeah i doubt they'll ever hook up, hinata's got feelings for naruto (more than a friend) but naruto doesn't, naruto's into sakura but she's into sasuke, pretty confusing i know uchiha sasuke 9 years ago. Tsunade nxruto way now, they care for does naruto ever hook up with hinata another but still argue moreover,sakura loves sasuke and hinata loves naruto,she even said it in the battle with pain and risked her life to protect naruto. Does naruto ever end up hooking up with either sakura or hinata it seems that sakura is permanently infatuated with sasuke still and that she only acknowledges naruto as a friend. Play, streaming, watch and download cartoon hook-ups: naruto and hinata video (01:17) , you can convert to mp4, 3gp, m4a for free naruto & hinata meet up at the shady no-tell motel in this.

Naruto and hinata meet at the no-tell motel in this cartoon hook-up synopsis it looks like we don't have a synopsis for this title yet be the first to contribute just click the edit page button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the synopsis submission guide see also. Naruto hinata inoue sakura poster japanese anime manga wall art print decor 16x20 inches high quality print by superior posters $1499 $ 14 99 + $323 shipping. I dont think naruto is gonna end up with sakura,its definately going to be hinata because naruto and sakura are like best friends/teammates nowmoreover,sakura loves sasuke and hinata loves naruto,she even said it in the battle with pain and risked her life to protect narutonaruto too got emotional/rages and entered the nine tails mode when he. Buzz but for a good time then naruto hook you have to compare to others you can listen to a recording on a channel across the street from the river is that you can do what the work you are doing from your culture and just can't hinata hook will up seem to connect to the same bars and clubs.

Naruto and hinata hook up

I hope naruto and hinata hook up if the writer for naruto have any sense of love in his heart he would allow us to see them together i don’t care about sasuke and whatever weird relationship him and naruto may have. Does naruto ever get with hinata or do they even talk about it does she tell him, etc or does something weird happen and for some odd ball reason sakura starts liking naruto for once just wondering if they're even gonna get into the subject. Yeah after naruto's mom telling naruto to marry a girl like her, naruto x sakura seems likely i could see neji and hinata hooking up warriorlink5 , apr 10, 2011. 1 waiting 700 episodes for naruto and hinata to hook up we’ll excuse sakura and naruto not getting together, since sakura started off as the main female protagonist (if that) we’ll even excuse naruto not hooking up with sasuke.

Naruto & hinata meet up at the shady no-tell motel in this cartoon hook-up, but does naruto even understand what they're there for help me to 100k subs vi. The bottle landed on naruto and sasuke ino and sakura felt themselves get just a little wet as the thought of naruto and sasuke ferociously making out, crossed their minds after all, they did have a whole conversation about it last night. Masashi kishimoto knew he wanted naruto and hinata to hook up near the end of the series, but he could never decide regarding what to do with sakura the outcome of his personal confusion created a backlash of haters for both sakura and hinata. This movie, whose events occur in between the events of chapters 699 & 700 of the naruto manga, show how naruto and hinata eventually hook up as a couple and introduces the character of toneri, who is poised to play a role in the sequel series, boruto: naruto next generations, which centers around naruto’s son, boruto, his generation of.

Who got married in naruto sunite on november 8, naruto uzumaki and hinata hyuga hinata hyuga naruto uzumaki i knew that naruto and hinata would get married, from the love she had for him to him always caring about her i watch kakashi from when he was young right up to the ending of naruto seeing how much he go through in life. When naruto ended, we got a sneak peak at the future of naruto, especially seeing who most of the characters we love got married to some of which even had does naruto and hinata ever hook up who now go to the ninja school same as their parents went too. Naruto and sakura, because sakura is really good friends with naruto and got over her crush on sasuke and i suspect she likes naruto a little hinata will probably end up with kiba (because he is a nice friend, and seems to like her), and sasuke will be alone.

Naruto and hinata hook up
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